Two types of volunteers are needed for this event:

SAG (Support and Gear) Operators
A minimum of five (5) SAG vehicles are needed for the duration of the event.
Some opportunities to consider:
  • One of the vehicles needs to have a means of transporting luggage for 30 cyclists.  This could be a van, cargo trailer, covered truck bed, SUV, etc.  This vehicle could double as a dedicated rolling stop vehicle as well.
  • Three of the vehicles need to be dedicated to providing rolling rest stops for the cyclists.  These operators will be provided the route and will leap frog ahead of their assigned group of cyclists such that they can stop and be ready fo the cyclists to come to them to acquire food, water, etc.
  • One vehicle needs to be free the entire event to take care of incidentals or emergencies.  If this vehicle is dispatched on an errand, it will not take away from the rider support listed above.

Group Leaders
Four (4) cyclists will be needed to serve as group leaders for this event.  These cyclists will be equipped with communication to the SAG vehicle, know the route, stay with their group and make sure their needs are met.  Group leaders will be assigned groups based on skill level of cyclists in that group.

Note:  Hotel, food and fuel expenses of both of these groups of volunteers will be paid for by the event.
Volunteer sign up is opening soon
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