• This is NOT a racing event.  It is a charity ride to support the effort of FCA.
  • Cycilsts may register for any / all of the routes listed below.
  • Rides will be held rain or shine.
  • Roads / intersections will NOT be closed or monitored for cycling traffic.  It is expected that cyclists / groups obey all rules of the road.
  • SAG vehicles will be provided to support the needs of a cyclist at rest stops or along the route in distress.  They will not provide any sort of traffic control for the cyclists.  There will be no moving support of cyclists during the event (eg: handing water bottles or food out of the window or a moving vehicle to a moving cyclist).
  • Cyclists will load / unload their luggage into the appropriate SAG vehicle at the beginning and end of each stage.  The event nor event staff will be repsonsible for items left behind.
  • Cyclists are responsible for the security of their bicycles at each overnight stop.  It is recommended they house their bicycles in their hotel room.  Trailer storage / security for bicycles will NOT be provided by the event.  Only in the event of an in ride need will the event handle bicycles.
  • A mechanic may be provided each night for minor repairs.  Should major mechanical needs arise during a stage, the SAG vehicle will pick up the cyclist and the bicycle and attempt to arrange for repair or transport to the next stop where arrangements may be made for that cyclist to exit the event.  Details for these occurrences will be handled on a case by case with respect to safety followed by keeping the cyclist in the event.
  • Meals
    • Breakfast will be provided via continental breakfast or "to go" boxed meals ordered from a local restaurant.  In the event orders are placed at a local restaurant, orders will be taken the night before.
    • Dinner will be provided each night at the hotel listed below.
  • A chapel service will be held each night at dinner.
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